Reinforced Concrete Pipe Sanitary Application

Reinforced Concrete Pipe Sanitary Application

In an effort to protect our environment, safeguard our health and improve our comforts and quality of life, reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) is a necessary conduit for carrying liquid waste to treatment plants. While there are other alternatives to RCP for sanitary application, concrete pipe is the most widely used and accepted method. This solution has maintained long-term viability and is constantly being improved to continue providing a watertight system that meets strength requirements and provides resistance to the corrosive properties of sewage.


For Sanitary Application affords many advantages:

Our engineers work with you from initial design to completion, providing expert advice for every facet of your project
Products are strong enough to meet strength conditions of any depth of backfill and superimposed load
Fabrication takes place in a certified production facility to control both quality and cost
Products are designed for simple installation, resulting in fewer complications at your job site
Forterra is a leading manufacturer of RCP affording the opportunity to quickly respond to the needs of our clients
Durable product provides the end user with confidence knowing they’ve selected a solution with a design life of more than 100 years
Each of our precast solutions is evaluated for quality control in our renowned test facility, where our team of engineers is also highly involved in the industry association’s work in developing nationwide quality control standards