Trench Drain Systems

Forterra’s Trench Drain Systems and Utility Trenches are designed specifically to meet the needs of manufacturing plants, large processing facilities and electrical suppliers by providing secure, dependable and safe housing of:

Electrical Cables
Hydraulic Lines
Lines for Hazardous Liquids and Gases
Compressed Air Lines
Steam Lines
Duct Work

They are also effective as a method for capturing surface storm water and can be used as a duct bank. Rather than spending time casting trench drains in place, a precast trench system drastically cuts the time needed for installation while maintaining integrity and durability.

Trench Drain Advantages

Forterra’s Trench Drain afford the following benefits:

Tongue-and-groove construction provides easy installation
Tongue-and-groove construction provides easy installation
Depth and width is customizable to fit your site
Turns, tees and end sections can be provided
Ready-made, modular design installation compresses your schedule and reduces crew size
Backfill your installation the same day to reduce employee injury risk and OSHA open trench exposure, emphasizing site safety
Naturally strong with a design life of 75 years
Cover options include slotted cast iron, solid steel, concrete and heavy-duty plastic lids
Designed for pedestrian traffic and HS-20 loading