Introducing Forterra’s Prescon Pipe; all the attributes and benefits of Bar-Wrapped Concrete Cylinder Pipe (C303) with the added convenience of faster deliveries, standardized fittings/specials, and field adjustment flexibility.

Currently available in diameters from 400 to 500mm (also 350mm upon request). Forterra’s Prescon Pipe is designed and manufactured in accordance with the AWWA Manual M9 and the AWWA C303 Standard, respectively. Prescon pipe is manufactured using welded steel cylinder with sized, welded steel joint rings attached. The pipe interior is lined with centrifugally applied mortar or concrete lining. A steel bar is helically wound tightly around the outside of the cylinder and securely welded to the steel joint rings. A coating of cement-rich dense mortar is applied to the cylinder and bar wrap. The mortar coating on the pipe creates a passivating alkaline environment that protects the steel cylinder, joint rings and bar from corrosion.

Size: In diameters from 350mm to 500mm with standard lengths of 7.315m

Prescon Features:

In addition to reliable C303 performance, Prescon pipe offers system owners several benefits including: cost efficiency in terms of materials, handling, and installation, plus the inherent corrosion protection provided by combining steel with Portland cement mortar.

Integrated Total Pipeline Solution – Using Prescon or other CPP materials, the entire pipeline is one material throughout your system including chambers, road crossings and/or tunnel sections. All pipe and/or fittings are shipped, ready to install with components such as restrained joints built-in. Even service connections can be factory installed to save on-site time and costs.
Ease of Installation & Economical – Prescon pipe is installed in less time on site. Because it is a semi-rigid conduit, Prescon pipe requires less stringent bedding and/or backfilling under normal ground conditions. Installing any other pipe material often requires bracing, highly compacted bedding, trucking in aggregate, unshrinkable fill, and/or welding—each adds cost, time and potential problems.
On-site Flexibility – Prescon offers standardized pipe and fittings to allow for faster deliveries and installations. This product provides greater joint deflection, as well as, the advantage of easy modifications in the field such as adding an outlet, service tap, and performing simple repairs solutions.
Corrosion Protection – Prescon Pipe provides built-in corrosion protection. Due to its design combining a steel cylinder lined with concrete and its integrated steel bar/cement mortar coating, Prescon pipe is chemically protected from corrosion, passivating all steel elements.

Typical Prescon Applications

Distribution pipelines.
Small municipality trunk systems.
Sanitary force mains.




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