Precast Garage Floors


What could you do with extra space in your home? Expand your living space by using Forterra’s Precast Garage Floors. Use the usable space under your garage to make your ideal dream home complete!.

Installation Instructions

Precast Garage Floor Preparation

Email or send a layout of the area (footing & foundation) with dimensions and thickness of foundation walls.
A proposal will be faxed or sent to you showing the total cost, which includes; Precast Garage Floor, transportation, installation, and grouting of precast joints. To proceed with the order, simply sign and return the ''Agreement'', found on the last page of the proposal.
Once the foundation has been poured, we ''field measure'' to verify the final dimensions.
Please allow 2 to 3 weeks from the day we field measure until installation.

FOUNDATION Preparation

Place #4 rebar in foundation extending 2'-8'' above the top of foundation at 18'' O.C., or closer if required by your engineer. Keep these bars aligned 2-1/2'' from outside of foundation wall. This will provide 4''- 5'' clearance for the Precast Garage Floor bearing.
Make sure the top of foundation walls, or recessed ledge, are level and cleared of any debris, gravel, etc, so the Precast Garage Floor bearing is evenly distributed.

SITE Preparation

The site needs to be prepared to allow access for a 65-ton crane and 45' trailer and semi. A 30' x 30' area within ten feet of the foundation should be leveled and compacted to adequately assure the crane can set-up and install the Precast Garage Floor.
Backfill foundation walls and compact soil as noted above. Verify with your engineer before backfilling.
All overhead lines and other obstructions need to be moved prior to installation.
Forterra will send a representative to the job site to assess the site preparation and address any issues prior to installation.

INSTALLATION by Forterra Structural Precast

Forterra will provide the trucks for hauling and the crane for installation of the Precast Garage Floor suspended concrete slabs.
Bearing pad is supplied by Forterra Structural & Specialty Products and placed on the bearing foundation walls.
Precast Garage Floor suspended slabs are set in place and the keyway joints are then grouted.


Insert paper dam into Precast Garage Floor voids at least 6'' from each end. Paper dam can be any object to stop the flow of concrete into the void, i.e. newspaper.
Bend the #4 bars extending from top of foundation at a 3'' radius over the top of the Precast Garage Floor, leaving enough clearance for the concrete topping to consolidate around the rebar.
Waterproof the perimeter and seams prior to placement of concrete topping!
Forterra recommends using a reputable waterproofing contractor to assure proper waterproofing of your new Precast Garage Floor suspended concrete floor system. If you elect to do your own waterproofing, please contact us for instruction details.
Tie #4 rebar to bend bar at 18'' O.C. each way (see details on previous pages) auction details.
Pour 3'' of concrete topping minimum onto the Precast Garage Floor. Slope topping slab from 6'' to 3'' toward front of garage for proper drainage
Place control joints directly above Precast Garage Floor keyway joints. These may be tooled during concrete placement, or saw cut afterwards.
Additional waterstops, damproofing, and sealers can be used. Consult Forterra.

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