Forterra Pipe & Precast, LLC

As contemplated by the Patent Act (35 U.S.C. § 287), Forterra Pipe & Precast, LLC and its subsidiaries including Forterra Concrete Products, Inc. (“Forterra”) hereby gives notice to the public that the following articles are made by Forterra and offers for sale or sells are patented (or are for use in a patented system. method. or combination), as indicated by the table below associating the patented article (by the name under which Forterra with the number of the applicable patent(s):

Precast Stormwater Inlet Filter and Trap9598850
Precast Stormwater Inlet Filter and Trap2905899 – Canada D
Precast Stormwater inlet filter and trap2964579 – Canada D
Precast Stormwater inlet filter and trap2905899 – Canada
Preformed Duct Assembly2964579 – Canada Pending
Preformed Duct Assembly15/486491 NP – Pending D574933, 8689502, 8689502
Cage Spacer6758021, 6910309, 6899310, 6910309
Sanitary storm and catch basin trapD559958, D557385, D559959, D572802, D574933
Cath basin flow diverterD556865
Low profile high capacity inside drop for a manhole
Multi-case spacer
Sanitary, storm and catch basin trap with filter insert
Catch basin filter
Filter element for water loaded with solid particles and dissolved toxic substances and purification system equipped with said filter element
8322540, 2494416
Molded concrete blocks having simulated Brick or stone outer surfaces and method Of making same
Caustic fluid blocking member in the base of a manhole
Base of manhole having a canal-bed Liner
Extension for canal-bed liner