Electrical Precast Duct Bank Systems – RED-E-DUCT

Forterra provides Red-E-Duct design services include 3D modelling of the entire Red-E-Duct system showing location of precast sections as well as any site cast transitions for customer import into their design software.

Electrical Precast Duct Bank Systems is a critical component of an electrical infrastructure that provides secure housing that provides solid, dependable protection.


Electrical Precast Duct Bank Systems offer the following advantages:

Our process allows for nearly any arrangement of Schedule 40 PVC duct work.
Duct banks come in 10’ lengths that accommodate your available space and lift capacity.
Our unique shear key designs lock pieces together and prevent differential settlement, protecting the infrastructure inside.
Forterra Precast Duct Banks contain individually gasket sealed conduits equipped with lock rings to ensure watertight joints with excellent pull-out strengths, eliminating the need for tie-rods and solvent cement.
Ready-made solution saves your crew time and keeps them installing duct work instead of waiting for concrete to set and prolonging the backfill operation.
Backfill your installation the same day to reduce employee injury risk and OSHA open trench exposure, emphasizing site safety.
Concrete can be stained for immediate identification. Typically available in natural gray.


By combining the efficiency of precast materials and the durability of concrete, not only can projects be finished in less time, at lower cost, with minimal downtime, but they’re also built to withstand the demands of time and pressure.