Precast Double Tee

Double Tees offer plenty of flexibility in design and construction, where they are an ideal choice for structures requiring long, uninterrupted spans and high load carrying capabilities. The design of a prestressed double tee allows the deck to act integrally with the superstructure, as prestressed double tees have a monolithic deck and stem design. The integral design provides a stiffer member, while the material-saving shape reduces the dead load.

Double Tee Applications

Double Tee is an ideal solution and spanning longer distances and performing at higher levels than ever before:

Industrial buildings
Parking Decks
Roofing Systems
And more

Double Tee Sizes

These units are available in standard widths of 8, 9, 10 and 12 feet and have a maximum stem depth of 42 inches.
Custom-designed units can also be created for unique job specifications.


Precast, prestressed concrete Double Tees offer many advantages, making them suitable for construction of elevated parking decks as well as the substrate for waterproofing, roofing systems and buildings. The combination of robust reinforcing steel and the depth of the legs/stems allows the Double Tee to support loads over long spans. With their efficient cross section and high section modulus, precast double tees have been designed to span 80 ft or more.

Additional advantages include:

Low initial project cost and little maintenance throughout the life of the product.
Faster fabrication and erection, speeding up the construction process compared to cast-in-place structures.
Higher durability and sound resistance, including the ability to withstand wind, road salt, earthquakes and even fire.
A column-free solution.
Simplified frame, design and construction.
Openings for service pipes/ducts incorporated.
Use of precast elements in frame is possible.