Tunneling/Jacking Pipe

As most municipalities have grown of the years, tunneling new utilities or tunneling to upgrading utilities have become common when you need to bury your utilities deeper or you require crossing major roadway or waterway.  At Forterra, we manufacture micro-tunneling and jacking pipe.


Micro-tunneling is a trenchless construction method for installing pipelines beneath the surface in a wide range of soil conditions without expensive dewatering systems. It uses a slurry to carry the spoils away from the tunnel heading to the main work shaft.

Jacking Pipe

Pipe jacking, is a technique for larger diameter pipe for installing underground pipelines, ducts and culverts. Powerful hydraulic jacks are used to push specially designed pipes through the ground behind a shield at the same time as excavation is taking place within the shield. The method provides a flexible, structural, watertight, finished pipeline as the tunnel is excavated.


Stormwater and Sanitary Sewers
Sewer Outfalls
Combined Sewer Overflows
Sewage Systems
Microtunnel pipes-primary liner
Casing for primary line
Conduct for Electrical and Communication Utilities


Strength classification correlated with field requirements
Insulating protection of concrete/steel collars can be accommodated
HDPE liners available or corrosive fluid
All tunneling pipe falls with the Plant Pre-Qualification program
Gasket joint Specifications: CAN/CSA A 257.2M


Micro-Tunnel Pipe 600mm Diameter and above.

Jacking Pipe 1200mm Diameter and above.




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